Amber Patino, a new promising actress comes from a long line of talent.  Her lineage includes: a Prima Ballerina from Cuba, Ms. Birmingham Alabama, Ambassadress to Birmingham England, Stage Actors, Artists, and Sculptors.  Even her mother was a performer of sorts, as a flight attendant she had a captive audience.  At the early age of two years, Amber was caught practicing her pout in the mirror.  Her parents knew then that she had caught the talent bug.  As a toddler, she danced and sang her way into every ones hearts.  At the age of 5, Amber discovered the joy of pencil and sketch pad, and began drawing on anything she could get her hands on.  Paper plates, boxes, school homework, and even herself.  At 6 years old, she began designing clothes on paper and by the time she turned 8 she had over 1,000 designs, she was then discovered by a local artist, Dan Clepper for her talent.  He has a ministry for taking young artists and teaching them a skill to enable them to work to raise funds to achieve their own personal goals.  So, he took her under his wing and taught her to paint.  She joined his team as his youngest artist and quickly rose to the top of the ranks as one of his lead face painters with Fantast Face Artistry of Franklin, Tennessee.

In the fall of 2013, Amber heard about a performing arts workshop that she was very eager to participate in.  This was an audition based event and truth be told her parents tried to discourage her since she had never auditioned for anything before.  Going from no experience to a week long performing arts event in Los Angeles, CA seemed intimidating and they were concerned for her.  Amber melted her parents hearts when she said, “Don’t worry, the experience of trying, will be worth it and so much fun.”  So, after a series of auditions, and the constant support and guidance from Deborah Borahwang (iPOP Director) and her contemporaries Amber was one of eight out of over 3,000 auditions in Tennessee chosen to attend iPOP..  iPOP is a week long performing arts event in Los Angeles, CA, which is an amazing opportunity for kids ranging from ages 4 to 24 to express their talent and personalities in a positive environment of growth, hope, and possibilities.  These children blossom in their week at iPOP in amazing ways.  Amber’s parents saw her strength and confidence blossom even greater after participating in the event.  iPOP was amazing, full of adventure and culture.  With over 400 performers from all over the world, Amber was not only exposed to the world of performing arts.  She also had the opportunity to develop her understanding of cultural exchange, as well as, embrace her “mini-flight attendant.”  When someone asked her mother, “wait, is Amber your daughter?” Her mom laughed with pride when they responded, “Well that explains everything.” Amber performed in the categories of Acting, Singing, Modeling, and Dancing; with approximately 60 kids in her age category.  By the end of the week, she was part of a smaller group of kids chosen to participate in one of the beautifully choreographed finale showcases.  Amber received 7 out of 10 awards in her age category.  She signed with an amazing manager Rob D’Avalo a long time supporter of iPOP and the talent it produces.  During a month long exploration trip back to LA, Amber attended auditions and was chosen to star in a short film directed and produced by Vincent Lopez, a student of The Art Institute of California LA (AiCLA) called “Lucia and After”.  Which is scheduled to debut at the schools film festival the second week of December 2014.  Her first, of many performances to come.

Among Amber’s other skills, she is an excellent marksman, a 4 stripe white belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, a novice pianist, and a wonderful and tender caregiver to her older special needs sister.  Amber is a lead character in their nightly performance of Barbie time is Sissy’s room, which is a role she proclaims that she will be carrying until she is gray haired and too old to get on the floor anymore.  Amber loves volunteer work, and donates her time as a face painter at numerous non profit events.  She enjoys playing with her elders at the senior center and has a special desire to care for the homeless, since her sister was adopted from the foster care system in Florida from a homeless lady.

New to LA, as an up and coming actress she has also lived in Tennessee, Alaska, and Kentucky where she was born.  Adventure and flexibility has always been part of her life.  With her budding new career ahead of her, Amber says; ”This is by far the most exciting adventure of all.”

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